Taming cable clutter in your home office is both a must and rather satisfying, but what about those other areas where unruly wires sabotage your space and sanity? In this post, we are going to dive into clever cable management solutions for the not-so-ordinary spots, perfect for all kinds of home spaces, hobbies, and lifestyles.

Workshop Warriors

Your workshop is your creative sanctuary, but tangled cords underfoot are a safety hazard and a major distraction. Here’s how to get organised and reclaim your workspace:

Pegboard Power

Pegboards offer unparalleled versatility for workshop organisation. Utilise these accessories for cable management:

Small Hooks

Perfect for hanging individual charging cables, keeping them easily accessible near frequently used tools.

Wire Baskets

Larger cables or multiple items can be stored together in wire baskets attached directly to the pegboard. Choose baskets with open designs for easy visibility.

Dedicated Cord Holder

Some pegboard accessories are designed specifically for coiling and securing extension cords or air compressor hoses.

Magnetic Magic

Maximise storage potential with these magnetic solutions:

  • Magnetic Strips: Install strong magnetic strips beneath workbenches or along walls. Smaller metal tools will attach directly, and you can use the strips to temporarily hold cables with metal connectors.
  • Magnetic Hooks: Hang heavier cables or power tools with chargers still attached using magnetic hooks designed for heavy-duty use.
  • Magnetic Trays: Keep small metal fasteners, screws, or cable ties contained and within reach using shallow magnetic trays attached to your workbench.

Overhead Solutions

Get cords off the ground and directly where you need them:

  • Retractable Reels: Choose reels specifically designed for workshop use. Opt for a multi-outlet reel for charging several power tool batteries simultaneously or powering hand tools in a specific area.
  • Ceiling Tracks: More advanced setups may benefit from ceiling-mounted track systems with movable power drops. This offers ultimate flexibility for rearranging your workshop layout.
  • Safety First: Always ensure overhead solutions are securely mounted and rated for the weight of the cables and tools you’ll be using

The Lon:hub Advantage

If your workshop boasts a small desk, workbench, or dedicated area for electronics, the Lon:hub  streamlines your setup. Its powerful docking capabilities keep device connections centralised, while integrated wireless charging and cable management tame everyday tech clutter.

Home Studio Haven

Whether you’re recording music, crafting masterpieces, or editing videos, your home studio thrives on a well-organised setup. Here’s how to conquer cable chaos and create a creatively conducive workspace:

Label Everything

This golden rule saves you countless headaches down the road. A label maker is a worthwhile investment for your studio. Label both ends of every cable, including:

  • Instrument Cables: Identify cables by their length and connector types (e.g., “10ft XLR microphone cable”)
  • Power Cables: Label power adapters with the corresponding device for quick identification.
  • Audio Interface I/O: Clear labels on your interface (e.g., “Input 1,” “Monitor Out”) translate to labels on the corresponding cables.

Under-Desk Trays

These powerhouses of organisation keep power strips, bulky adapters, and unruly lengths of cables out of sight. But there are some things to keep in mind as you shop for one: 

  • Sturdy Construction: Consider metal trays instead of plastic models for enhanced durability in a studio setting.
  • Ventilation: Opt for trays with ventilated designs to prevent heat buildup, as studios often house power-hungry devices.
  • Accessibility: Some models offer adjustable mounting points for a custom fit beneath your workspace.

Sound Equipment Simplicity

Audio gear can quickly lead to cable overwhelm. Employ these strategies to simplify things:

  • Colour-Coding Nirvana: Velcro ties in multiple colours let you group cables by instrument, signal type (audio, MIDI, etc.), or any system that works for you.
  • Custom Cables: When budget permits, custom-length cables tailored to your exact setup eliminate excessive slack and the need for constant coiling
  • Patchbays: Dedicated studios may benefit from a patchbay system, centralising connections and reducing cable clutter directly behind your equipment.

The Lon:hub Advantage

The Lon:hub is your studio command centre. It minimises cable clutter around your computer, laptop, or mixing console area. Wireless charging keeps your phone and other essential tools powered up and ready. With its sleek design, the Lon:hub complements your creative aesthetic rather than clashing with it.

Gaming Battlestations

Epic gaming sessions shouldn’t mean epic cable messes. Level up your setup and stay focused on the action with these cable management system organisational tips:

Behind-the-Monitor Management

Create a clean, streamlined look using these simple cable management techniques:

  • Cable Clips Galore: Adhesive cable clips come in various sizes. Match them to your cables and guide them discreetly along the back of your monitors and down towards your desktop or console.
  • Monitor Arm Mastery: Many modern monitor arms feature built-in cable management channels within the arm itself. This offers the most seamless cable concealment.
  • Zip Ties: When cables must be bundled behind the monitor, use black zip ties for a less noticeable appearance.

LED Flair

RGB LED lighting is synonymous with gaming setups, but it can also serve a practical purpose:

  • Disguise and Delight: Skillfully placed LED strips along walls, the back of furniture, or beneath your desk can cleverly hide or visually minimise the appearance of cables.
  • Colour Temperature Matters: Choose LED strips with adjustable colour temperature. Cooler, brighter light during gameplay and warmer light for relaxing downtime creates ambience and lessens eye strain.

Go Wireless When Possible

Reducing the sheer number of cables is key.  Consider these wireless upgrades:

  • Headsets: Go wireless for unparalleled freedom of movement and eliminate that tangle-prone cord.
  • Controllers: Most consoles support wireless controllers, and some offer extended-range Bluetooth versions.
  • Peripherals: While often pricier, wireless keyboards and mice create a cleaner desktop aesthetic.

The Lon:hub Advantage

The Lon:hub eliminates clutter and expands possibilities for your gaming setup. Connect multiple monitors, high-end peripherals, and external storage devices without creating a cable nightmare.  Its wireless charging keeps controllers or headsets topped up between sessions, and its integrated cable management keeps your battle station looking sharp.

Caravan Comforts

Going on holiday but still need to get some work done? Limited space doesn’t mean you have to live with cord chaos in your caravan. Get strategic and maximise comfort with these techniques:

Solar Solutions

Harness the power of the sun for off-grid adventures or to supplement your caravan’s power supply:

  • Portable Panels: Choose lightweight foldable solar panels with integrated USB ports for directly charging smaller devices and power banks.
  • Dedicated Cable Channels: Some panels feature built-in channels for securing and concealing charging cables while in use or during transport.
  • Rooftop Solutions: Permanent installations may involve rooftop solar panels with wiring neatly routed into the caravan’s electrical system.

Under-Seat Storage

This often-overlooked space is prime real estate for cable organisation:

  • Customisable Baskets: Fabric storage baskets with dividers keep chargers, adapters, and device cables separated and accessible.
  • “Go Bags”: Dedicate small zippered pouches to specific devices – all their associated charging gear lives within the pouch, ready to grab and go.
  • Bonus Tip: Store baskets upside down to prevent dust from settling inside while your caravan is not in use.

Appliance Wrangling 

Keep your caravan’s kitchen tidy with these solutions:

  • Dedicated Cord Wraps: Many small kitchen appliances feature built-in cord wraps, but often only utilise them partially. Make the most of these features!
  • Custom Coiling: For appliances without cord wraps, measure the length of cord you typically use, and secure the rest neatly with velcro ties.
  • Appliance Garage: If cabinet space allows, designate a spot to store smaller appliances with cords already coiled and secured, ready for use.

The Lon:hub Advantage

 The Lon:hub is a caravan travel essential. Its compact design is ideal for small spaces, offering versatile charging options for all your travel tech.  The integrated cable management keeps your caravan’s surfaces clear, maximising the sense of space.

Embrace the Power of a Cable Management System

No matter your niche, a well-organised space boosts productivity, enhances safety, and minimises tech-related frustration. With a few clever cable management solutions, you can transform any setup into a haven of efficiency and enjoyment. 

Are you ready to take your organisation to the next level? Discover the Lon:hub – the ultimate streamlined power, device docking, and cable management solution. Head here to learn more.

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