If your computer desk resembles a tangled battlefield of wires, you’re not alone. Cable clutter is a widespread problem, especially in today’s world of multiple devices and accessories. It’s not just unsightly – it can be a real productivity killer, a safety hazard, and even impact your computer’s performance.

This guide will teach you why PC cable management matters, the best techniques to tame your cords, and introduce innovative products that are revolutionising PC cable management and desk organisation in general.

Why Bother with PC Cable Management?


A tangled mess of cables is visually chaotic and detracts from the overall look of your workspace. It can give the impression of disorganisation and even subtly impact how professional you feel in the space. A well-managed setup, on the other hand, feels polished and intentional.


Wasting time untangling cables, searching for the right power adapter, or trying to trace a cord from device to source eats away at your focus and efficiency. Effective cable management establishes order – you know exactly where everything is and what connects to what. This means less time spent fumbling and more time actually getting work done.


A dense web of cables around your PC case can impede airflow, trapping heat generated by essential components like the CPU and graphics card. Overheating can shorten the lifespan of these expensive parts, cause sudden crashes or instability, and even throttle performance to prevent serious damage. Good cable management promotes consistent airflow to maintain optimal temperatures.


Loose cables on the floor become tripping hazards, both for you and anyone sharing the workspace. Damaged wires, particularly those carrying higher power, can spark if frayed or chewed by pets—a potential fire risk. Organised cables minimise these dangers.

Mental Clarity

While research is ongoing, there’s compelling evidence that cluttered environments impact our cognitive abilities. A disorganised desk can contribute to feelings of stress, distraction, and feeling overwhelmed.  Cable management is one way to bring a sense of control to your workspace, potentially improving mood and focus.

Essential PC Cable Management Tips

These core techniques will lay the foundation for a perfectly organised, tangle-free workspace:

Declutter:  The first step is the most liberating. Begin by unplugging everything you don’t actively use on a frequent basis. That old printer you never touch? Time to donate or sell it. Obsolete accessories or strange mystery cables? Toss them!  Reducing the sheer number of cables is essential before attempting to organise them.

Labelling: Invest in a simple label maker or use masking tape and a pen. Mark both ends of each cable with its purpose (e.g., “Monitor HDMI,” “Keyboard USB”). This is invaluable when troubleshooting or adding new devices in the future.

Plan Your Routes: Examine your workspace and visualise how to most effectively route cables from devices to their destinations. Aim to hide them behind furniture, along walls, or within your PC case itself. Minimise visible length whenever possible.

Secure with Cable Ties: Zip ties and velcro ties are your best friends. Gather similar cables (power, audio, etc.) and neatly bundle them together. This keeps them organised and less prone to tangling. Remember, don’t over tighten zip ties, as this could put strain on the cables.

Harness Under-Desk Trays: These affordable metal or plastic trays mount to the underside of your desk. They’re perfect for hiding power strips, bulky adapters, and coils of excess cable length out of sight.

Go Wireless (Within Reason):  Wireless peripherals have come a long way. If it makes sense for your setup, replacing wired mice, keyboards, and headsets can significantly reduce cable clutter. However, for applications like high-performance gaming or audio work, wired connections may still be preferred for maximum reliability and minimal latency.

Invest in Cable Combs: These are for true PC enthusiasts! Cable combs are designed for tidying the cables coming directly out of your power supply, leading to a super-clean look inside your case. Primarily  aesthetic, but very satisfying if you’re into that!

Additional Tips:

Color-Coding: If you’re feeling ambitious, use coloured zip ties or electrical tape to create a colour-coding system for different types of cables, making them even easier to identify.

“Service Loops”: When bundling cables, leave a small loop of extra slack near the point of connection. This allows for flexibility when moving or reconfiguring devices.

Upgrade Your Workspace with Innovative Products

If you’re ready to level up your cable management game, these clever products will help you achieve a wire-free paradise:

Cable Sleeves: These flexible fabric or braided sheaths come in various sizes and colours to accommodate different cable bundles. They create a sleek, uniform look while protecting your cables from abrasion. Some sleeves feature a split design along their length for easy installation.

Cable Clips: Small but mighty, cable clips typically feature an adhesive backing to attach to walls, furniture, or the back of your desk. Use them to guide cables neatly along pathways and keep them off the floor. Look for versions that have adjustable openings to suit different cable thicknesses.

Magnetic Cable Organizers: These offer incredible versatility. They often consist of small magnetic bases that can be placed strategically on your desk. The cables themselves have matching magnetic tips, letting you easily secure them in place, yet instantly detach them when needed. Excellent for preventing frequently used cables from falling behind your desk.

Cable Boxes: These are designed to hide power strips and the spaghetti of associated cables inside a simple, neat box. They often feature ventilation slots to prevent heat buildup and are a huge improvement over having power bricks lying directly on the floor.

The Lon:hub: Your All-in-One Cable Management Solution

Sometimes, the best approach for a truly tidy desk is investing in an exceptional product designed to streamline the entire process. The Lon:hub is one such solution. This sleek device offers a powerful combination of features:

  • High-Powered Docking Station: Connect multiple displays, peripherals, and high-speed data devices with ease.
  • Wireless Charging Pad: Keep your phone and other compatible devices topped up without hunting for the right cable.
  • Integrated Power Extension: Ditch the bulky power strip, as the Lon:hub supplies ample power outlets directly where you need them.
  • Advanced Cable Management: Engineered channels and compartments allow you to seamlessly organise and conceal cables within the unit itself.

More Benefits of the Lon:hub

  • Unmatched Elegance: The Lon:hub’s beautiful design sets it apart, making it a stylish addition to your workspace rather than just a functional tool.
  • Increased Productivity: By eliminating cable-related frustrations, the Lon:hub lets you focus fully on the task at hand.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduce hazards related to cords and power sources with the Lon:hub’s tidy approach.

Reap the Rewards of a Clutter-Free Desk

Investing time and a little money in PC cable management offers a fantastic return. You’ll enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing workspace, increased productivity, and improved safety. Plus, the mental peace of knowing your devices are protected is worth its weight in gold.

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